Come and experience! Here you will find ideas for your stay and means to hunt wonderful memories.
The children’s playground is just 1 min. walk from the hostel and on the shores of the beautiful Maribo lake.
Here you can jump in, play in the area or go kayaking. Check out other free explorations in the area or seek out more pleasures and memories for the whole family.

The Medivalcenter

The Medivalcenter

The Medivalcenter invites you to experience the Middle Ages hands on and it is for everyone it is situated near Hostel Maribo. Technological Research-Center. The research into the Middle Ages is combined with the exhibition og arms and reconstructed…
Maribo Lake, Nature park

Nature Park, Maribo Lakes

Maribosø is the 8th biggest lake in Denmark and is the first natural area in Denmark to be accepted into Europarc Federation in 2012. Maribosøerne, a unique conservation area, is situated in the middle of Lolland. From a national viewpoint,…
Open-air museum

The Open-Air Museum

Located beautifully in a scenic area, surrounded by woodland in the Maribo Lakes Nature Park, The Open-Air Museum in Maribo, is the third-oldest open-air museum in Denmark. It is always worth a visit. An enchanting little village from the old…
Maribo Town Center


Maribo is beautifully situated by the lakes in the middle of the nature park. At the same time, you will find a modern commercial town with an extensive history dating back to the 15th century. It is also renowned for its jazz Festival as well…
Maribo Cathedral

Maribo Cathedral

Maribo Cathedral was originally a birgitinsk abbey donated by Queen Margrethe I to the manor Grimstrup to found a monastery. The building of the Cathedral was though first started after the queens death. The construction of the nave stretched…